Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions cover both products on our website as well as our agreement with M.ILAM DIN AND SONS" (MIDS)

  2. Build Your Bat
  3. Knock In Your Bat from £40

(1) Your Cricket Bat Partnership with M.ILAM DIN AND SONS" (MIDS)

Your Cricket Bat are official distributors of bespoke crickets manufactured by the World-Famous M.ILAM DIN & SONS" (MIDS). You can verify our agreement by contacting MIDS directly in writing or by email:


Near Railway Line
Mubarak Pura
Sialkot - 51310

Tel: +92 (52) 3255813

Email: hassan@midssports.com

(2) Build Your Bat

The information in this section outlines the policies regarding bespoke bat orders. All bats ordered from us are custom-made by MIDS Sports in Sialkot, Pakistan, and are therefore non-returnable unless of course they are faulty. We have taken great steps to maximise customer-friendliness when building and ordering a bat through our website. However, please note that any visual aids provided during the ordering process are provided as aids only and cannot be considered the exact same as the bat you eventually receive. Of course, if there is an obvious mistake with your bat such as the incorrect colour of grip or the wrong number of grips, we will happily assist you with these issues. However, we are confident we will get things right but have these policies in place to manage the expectations of our customers.

If the goods you receive are "broken" or "damaged" as per the information contained in this page then please be confident that Your Cricket Bat will adhere to our strict policies. The timescales for a replacement are dependent on stock levels and the country of the customer placing the return order.

Your Cricket Bat provides a "30 Day Bat Guarantee" for every single bespoke bat order purchased in the "Build Your Bat" product section of our website which can be accessed here. The Guarantee's terms & conditions are explained in this paragraph.

The 30 Day Bat Guarantee allows for a replacement bat to be issued in a situation where a customer's bat has broken within the first 30 days after receiving the item. Your Cricket Bat will try its best to ensure the customer is sent an email to remind them of the date on which their 30-day guarantee begins but it is the customer's responsibility to email Your Cricket Bat to register their newly received bat and confirm the date on which this was received. This is relevant for both the standard 30 Day Bat Guarantee and the additional Bat Protection Cover. You can register Your Cricket Bat by emailing us: enquiries@yourcricketbat.com

Remember, all of our bat orders include knocking-in and oiling as standard so a replacement will only be offered to broken bats within the first 30 days. The information contained in this section of the Terms and Conditions applies to BOTH the 30 Day Bat Guarantee which comes as standard as well as the option "Bat Protection Cover" which will be for an additional 1 or 2 years depending on the choice of cover selected by the customer.

Bat Protection Cover is an innovative solution offered by Your Cricket Bat to safeguard its customers. You will be given the option to purchase this "Bat Protection Cover" during the bat-building process. If you would like to protect your investment of a cricket bat but didn't choose this option during checkout you have 30 days from the date you received your bat to add this cover. Simply email enquiries@yourcricketbat.com and we will send a link for you to purchase our additional Bat Protection Cover.

Bat Protection Cover begins from the date you received Your Cricket Bat regardless of whether the cover was added at the time the bat was purchased or if the cover was add at any other time within the first 30 days after receiving the bat. You can choose from two different cover options:

  • 1 Year Cover : £99.99
  • 2 Year Cover: £129.99

Replacement Policy

In order to be eligible for a replacement customers must ensure their bats meet the following basic criteria:

  • Only bats broken from the toe of the bat to the "V" of the bat will be covered as per the image below


  • Surface cracks are not classed as "breaks" and will not impact the bat in any way. If you are unsure whether the bat is broken or merely cracked on the surface we will be happy to examine digital photographs you send us. We can also check the bat manually at your own shipping expense and freeze your 30-day return period to assess any potential damage from the day you report the damage until day in which you receive the bat back after our assessment. In the event of the bat being faulty, we will refund you a maximum of £8 (which includes VAT) for carriage.

Please send your return and clearly label all returns to 'Returns Department' providing us with your:

  • Name
  • Order Number
  • Email Address
  • Daytime Telephone Number
  • Reason for Return

We recommend that you obtain proof of postage so that you can be reimbursed a maximum of £8 (which includes VAT) for carriage in the event that your bat meets our criteria and is eligible for replacement. If you are due a reimbursement we will contact you requesting for bank details to do so.

Refunding of carriage costs: Please allow 10 working days for your account to be credited once the goods have been returned back to us in the event that a refund has been issued. The 10 working day timeframe relates to the time it often takes banks to process refunds so please note this is not in our control.

Payment for goods accepted in Pound Sterling (£)

Your Cricket Bat bespoke bats and knocking-in services are managed in the UK. Below is our Returns address:

Suite 142, 155 Minories
Aldgate, City of London
United Kingdom

E-Mail: enquiries@yourcricketbat.com

Tel: 07808 147091

(3) Knock-In Your Bat from £40

Your Cricket Bat offers a knocking in facility which provides the following services:

  • Knocking-in of cricket bats by machine and by hand
  • Oiling of cricket bats
  • Removal of facetape from cricket bats
  • Application of facetape from cricket bats
  • Re-gripping of handle grips using an automatic gripping machine
  • Application/removal/replacement of toe guard from cricket bats
  • Pictures of your bat before and after the knocking-in service which includes a bat assessment. Any breaks or cracks caused by the knocking in process are at the customer's own risk and the customer must notify us of any cracks, breaks or repairs conducted on the bat in the past in order for us to assess whether the bat is worthy of knocking in. This is a safeguard for our customers - we are always looking to protect our customers and the last thing we would want is for a customer's bat to break. If it is obvious this is a likely outcome we will send the bat back to the customer minus postage costs of £20-25 depending on the number of bats being knocked-in. We cannot refund the full amount because of the cost of carriage incurred by us facilitating your knocking-in request. All costs, including postage and packaging, are covered within the £40, £50 and £100 knocking-in services offered by Your Cricket Bat. It is important customers consider the condition of their bat before deciding to purchase our knocking-in service. We cannot be held liable for the postage and packaging costs of approximately £20-25. The refund amount for each service would therefore be as follows:
    • 1 Bat: £15
    • 2 Bats: £30
    • 5 Bats: £75

What Your Cricket Bat does not offer or promise:

  • We cannot guarantee your bat's performance will improve using our knocking-in service since it is difficult to prove whether a bat is better after being knocked-in than it was before being knocked-in
  • We cannot guarantee your bat will be usable after our knocking-in process. It is possible for a bat to break during the knocking-in process even though this has never happened at Your Cricket Bat and is highly unlikely to happen in the future. However, by agreeing to purchase this service the customer is fully aware that the bat is at risk of breaking during the knocking-in service. By accepting our terms and conditions the customers has agreed to risk the possibility their bat might break and agrees to hold full responsibility for this
  • We are not a repair service nor do we intend to become one. Knocking-in, by definition at Your Cricket Bat, is the preparation of a cricket willow using a mallet either by hand or by using a machine. The machine used by Your Cricket Bat is manufactured by Smart Technologies who supply many companies around the world with cricket bat machines and equipment to help fully prepare cricket bats. We knock-in bats with the intention to make them less likely to break during matches by striking the surface of the willow thoroughly to release the fibres inside the willow allowing the bat to become more consistent during strokeplay
  • We cannot knock-in bats which are broken or badly damaged

These terms and conditions were updated on 2nd July 2019.

Your Cricket Bat is a trading name of The Organic Toothbrush Company Ltd, a company registered in England, number 10120380
Registered Office: Suite 142, 155 Minories, Aldgate, City of London, London, United Kingdom, EC3N 1AD